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Manage Your Time by “Chunking”

Is this your To Do list?

I first learned about “Chunking” from Tony Robbins’s “Get the Edge” program many years ago. It had a profound impact on how I view my tasks and how I organize my time. It is also an audio I return to whenever I get off track with my productivity.

“The Power of Chunking = grouping information together into ideally sized
pieces so they can be used effectively to produce the results you want.”

Our brains are easily overwhelmed. We have so much information thrown at us from every direction and so many tasks that need to be done. Have you ever written out a to do list and just stared at it afterwards…paralized. Where do I even begin?
Our brains count items 1, 2, 3, MANY. Anything more than 3 items and it may as well be 20. Overwhelm sets in and when we’re overwhelmed, we fail to take action.

For example, think about when you learned how to drive a car, especially a standard. You have to focus on the brake, the clutch, the gas, steering, the mirrors, look left, look right…AAHHHH!!!! 1, 2, 3…MANY! Those first few times out were exhausting and you felt like you would never be able to drive. I certainly swore I’d never buy a car that was a standard after the nightmare of my first few lessons. What happened after a you gained some experience? All of those different tasks that felt so overwhelming just became 1 item – Driving. Heck, now you can do 2 other things while you’re driving (although, I don’t recommend that).

This principle applies when we look at our own lives. How many goals do you have at one time? How many categories do you break life into? More importantly, how many NEW things do you try to take on at a time? You may have great intentions of starting a blog, a newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, a podcast, a video series… 1, 2, 3, MANY! That’s how you get overwhelmed into inaction.

Instead, try limiting your new endeavors to 2-3 at a time, max. If you’re already blogging, try adding a bi-weekly newsletter and a few Facebook posts. Nothing too crazy. Then, when that feels like one thing – marketing – you can add one more to the mix without too much overwhelm. The same is true with determining your services. When starting out, you may feel like you need to offer more than you’d like to. Doing that, you end up spreading yourself thin and watering down your expertise. You’re efforts will be more focused if you choose 3 services or 3 programs to offer. It will also lead to greater productivity and less feeling scattered in 100 directions keeping track of a dozen different programs or services.

How can you use the Power of Chunking in your business or life? Please share in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!