Identify Your Unique Brilliance and Love Your Business Again!


Business owners need to be constantly learning how to improve their craft and their business. Not to mention finding new ways to make this work/life juggling act less of a struggle. It’s important to take time out to learn new techniques and new ideas and gain a better clarity on how to move forward.

Last week, I took that time and attended (virtually) a 3-day workshop on how to Monetize Your Message hosted by Fabienne Fredrickson of Client Attraction. The nuggets of worthwhile information are too numerous to list in full so I’ll share just one today:

Discover your unique brilliance and do only that.

We all do things within our business that we don’t like and aren’t great at. When you are starting out, this is often necessary. The goal, however, should not be to try to strengthen your weaknesses but rather strengthen your strengths and delegate the rest.

4 Quad Instruction

The above diagram is part of an exercise that is very eye-opening. What are you doing in your business that you hate? What are you downright bad at that could be costing you money?

Get rid of it!

Ideally, you want to work as much as possible in the “Uniquely Brilliant” quadrant. There should only be 4-5 things, at most, that you are uniquely brilliant at. You will likely spend a fair amount of time in the “Really Good” quadrant as well, which is acceptable. Nothing positive will come from the bottom. Nothing. Delegate those items as soon as possible. They won’t make you money and will make you miserable.

Not only will those items not make you money but they will likely LOSE you money by wasting your time and your energy. How much time and energy do you spend just thinking about having to do them or procrastinate about doing them? Hiring help may not cost you as much as you think and will free your time and energy to spend on money-GENERATING activities THAT YOU LOVE!

That creates a business to get excited about again!

You can’t be good at everything. Sorry. I’m feeling the dirty looks from all of my fellow perfectionists out there. But it’s a fact that we need to accept.


I don’t wake up in the morning with the goal of being mediocre…do you?

But what am I brilliant at?

That was my question. I’m sharing this exercise because I struggled with it. It is so ingrained in me to try to do it all and dwell on my failures and inadequacies that I looked at my worksheet with my blank Uniquely Brilliant box and…crickets…. I had no idea what to enter there. I know what I hate and what I’m just ok at. But brilliant? Perfectionists never feel brilliant. So, what’s one to do?

It was suggested to take the Strengthsfinder test. I found my results very interesting and eye opening. The test will generate the 5 areas of strength for you and provide you with a detailed report on what they mean and how you can use them. I highly recommend this if you are so involved with the minutia of your business that you have forgotten what you love about it.

How to use this info to improve your business

When you begin delegating within your business, focus on unloading the tasks in the “Incompetent” quadrant first, followed by “Competent”. Look for team members who are strong where you are weak and who love the tasks you hate. There are actually people out there who LOVE bookkeeping and get excited about doing it! Can you imagine that? Add those people to your team and your business will be unstoppable! Not to mention, you will feel a huge weight lifted and you may even begin to LOVE your business again.

Please fill out your own 4-quadrant worksheet (4 Quad Strengths – Blank)¬†and share in the comments what uniquely brilliant skills you’re going to commit to doing more of and what items you’re going to delegate first.

Thanks for reading!


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