7 Tips for Work at Home Moms


I just read a great article for work at home moms and needed to share it. Work at home moms (WAHM) have a different set of challenges to deal with and need real strategies in place in order to be productive. When you are always surrounded by work and family and housework, things get blurred together and become overwhelming. This can lead to a world of distraction and lack of focus on anything. Checking email while playing with your kids, having to stop working on that project to get them a snack – it’s enough to make you just want to sit and browse Facebook!

There are some great tips in this article written by Theresa Ceniccola. They are simple strategies that can make a real difference in your productivity, focus and stress level.

Read 7 Tips For Work at Home Moms here…

Please share in the comments how you manage running your business from home with all the distractions that come with that.

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How Do You “Go for the Goose”?

I was on a networking call recently with a local business coach. During our conversation, she was kind enough to share a bit of what she does by giving me some advice.

“Go after the Goose, not the Egg.”

Smiling soose


She was explaining the benefits of finding great referral partners for your business. Instead of only focusing on finding one client at a time, aka, “the egg”, look to build relationships with businesses that could be a source of many eggs for you, aka, “the goose”.


Perhaps you’ve been focusing on going after the “eggs”. Are there any “geese” that you could team up with and form a cross-referral relationship with? Schedule a conversation with them and ask for the referral! Offer something in return. Create a win/win relationship. Partnerships like this are great in conjunction with your existing marketing plan.

While we’re at it – Find a Coach too.

I had a couple “a-ha” moments during my conversation with this coach that have given me some great ideas on how to expand my marketing. Coaches are great for that. They can look at your business through an un-biased lens and see things you didn’t see. If you don’t have a coach currently, I highly recommend finding one. I spun around in circles for over a year when I was starting my business. It was only when I finally committed to working with a coach that things took off. This “goose” idea isn’t anything new. Most coaches will talk about referral partners. Sometimes it just takes hearing the right thing at the right time for something in your brain to click.

If you’re ready to take that coaching step, here are some that I’ve worked with that I highly recommend:

Please share some ideas in the comments below of how you can go after a “Goose”. By brainstorming here, we can help each other reach out to more people.